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Love Your Car: Use Spray N’ Go Waterless Cleaners!

It is no surprise that every now and then, the water rate increases. Water concessionaries never ran out of reasoning for imposing the price hike.

So now we can say, water is gold.

But what will you do if you have a car that needs regular washing?

1. Find a car wash service. But think of it, car washing now costs more than P50 and most of the time you don’t get the satisfaction you want. Also, you will definitely consumed fuel going to the car wash.

2. Wash the car yourself. More practical,right? But I am sure, you’ll spend several gallons of clean water in just one vehicle. What a waste isn’t?

If people will keep on wasting water and the unfortunate effect of development is narrowing its sources, the long time scarcity or crisis is very likely. We do not want this to happen. We can act now and start it at home.

Good thing that there’s a new product for car cleaning that do not need (or waste) water. Yes, you’ve read it right! LESS WATER.

A team of Spray N’ Go visited our house for a car cleaning service. Surprisingly, there’s no big truck, no bulk machine and other cleaners. Only the three bottles of Spray N’ Go cleaners and a microfiber towel.

In just 15 minutes, the two wash boy completely cleaned our car without using water! Yes, not even a glass of water! Can you see the area where they did the cleaning? So dry!!

1. First,they used a duster to remove dust, loose dirt and contaminants on our car panel.

2. They applied Spray N’ Go and used microfiber towel and wiped the surface to remove dirt.

3. They buffed the surface in a circular motion to completely see the shining result.

How Spray N’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners work?

Scrub: They emulsify dirt then dislodge it from the surface.

Seal: They even out the surface with a thick shiny coating.

Shield: The coating protects the surface from UV rays, dust and dirt.

Unlike using water in car washing, Spray N’ Go can revive, preserve and enhances the original paint color of your car because it has no solvent. It can also be a dust and rain repellant and protect your car against extreme sunlight. Thanks to the coconut-based wax which helps to lift stubborn dirt and make your vehicle shiny!

This is another proudly Filipino eco-friendly biodegradable product! Also, it is affordable for only P1,500 per set with around 30 washes.

Know more about Spray N’ Go Waterless Cleaners and their car wash and detailing service, visit their Facebook fanpage for orders and more info.

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  1. I will save this page for now since I don’t have a car now. I think this will be of great help for cleaning the car.

  2. it’s really good to know that there are products like this, waterless means saving on water, one way to help our environment

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