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What Should Be Known About Children Immigrating To The US?

There are so many things that should be known about children that immigrate to the USA. We are faced with so many misconceptions that appear and it is a shame since we are talking about children. They have no fault for what is happening in most cases. Some do not have parents and in other cases parents just want what is best for them and try to give them a life they could not get where they live.

Immigration Relief For Children

According to a Hansen Injury Law Firm, children potentially become eligible for US immigration relief through the following options:

  • Asylum – This is basically international protection hat is offered to the refugee that arrives in the country. Qualifying for asylum is only possible if it is proven that there is a fear of persecution that is well-founded. This fear can be on one of 5 possible grounds: nationality, religion, social group membership, political opinion and, of course, race.
  • SIJS (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status) – This is a relief form that is humanitarian and available for the minors that were neglected, abandoned or abused by both or just one parent. Children need to be under 21 and a juvenile court needs to issue some dependency order.
  • U Visa – This is available for the victims of different crimes. Eligibility appears when substantial mental or physical abuse appears and cooperation was seen with the law enforcement forces in order to prosecute or investigate the crime.
  • T Visa – This is available for the victim that was a victim of a trafficking severe form. It is important to demonstrate that extreme hardship appeared and that severe harm would happen when removed from the US.

In-Country Processing

In-country refugee processing is now a program that is going on in the US. It has the intent of basically offer a legal, orderly and safe alternative to the regular journeys that the children take to arrive to the country. We have to understand that parents from many different companies risk everything for their children to reach this country. This is especially the case with the parents coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador but they can come from any other place.

The idea of in-country processing is to basically investigate and offer protection. In many situations the children are protected but that is not always the case. Obviously, it is really difficult to deal with the system and the truth is that in so many situations we see children that end up stuck in the system, in foster homes, as orphans and have a life that is not at all as great as parents imagined. However, in other cases the exact opposite is seen and children have a chance of a free and beautiful life that they would not have where they came from.


Children are normally victims, whether they immigrate legally or illegally. It is important to protect them though since they usually have no choice in the matter. While so much controversy appears with the Trump immigration ban, children are still protected and fall in a different category.

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