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Kids Knew Anger Management Too!

I just love how my 3-year old boy manage my anger.

When you’re starting to nag at him, he would say… “Mommy, ekis ang away.” (Fighting is a no no). Before, he would ask “Mommy, lab mo ako?” (Mommy, do you love me?)

When he thinks you’re really angry, he would cry (and he glimpses to know your reaction!). If you pretend not to cake, he would hug you tight and will not let go until you say, “hindi na ako galit.” (I am not angry anymore). And then, he would follow whatever you told him.

Kids were different, of course. But I am glad to have a mature and versatile child though sometimes, I have to face it, he’s just a child with manageable tantrums.

How about yours?

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