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I Want To Help

My daughter is just three years old. But sometimes, I want to believe that I was not talking to a 3-year old kid.

In many ways, she shows her endearing maturity.

Every time we go to the mall, I always make sure that I have available coins in my pocket.


Because my daughter is so fond of sharing coins on donation tin cans or boxes she encountered at the mall.

I never thought she would be that very excited upon learning that sharing coins on donation cans will help people, especially children, in need.

There were times that she would bring her own purse full of coins (of course, it came from me) and she would voluntarily contribute bucks she saved.

And every time she did that, I always ask her why she gave her coins away. She would just replied, “I want to help”.

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  1. oh that is sweet!!! Si Ishi dn ehhehe mahilig sa gnyna.mnsan nasa park kme kahoit d namamalimos sakin ung ale…tinawag b nmn ung ale at sabi sakin bgyan ko daw :)) ayun sympre bigay nmn ako :))

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