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How To Tell If A Newborn Baby Is Bright

Experts would say that clever babies are particularly sensitive and responsive is often very bright. You can feel this responsiveness when you hold the child.

Child psychologist Dr. Joan Freeman cited an example that if a baby seems to back away from something, it shows that he can distinguish between what’s pleasant and what’s not—and that’s the beginning of mental activity.

Other signs are:

* Babies that are easily tickled.

* He can smile early.

* Bigger and heavier at birth.

Healthy babies are more likely to be born to mothers who have been well nourished and cared for in their pregnancies and can give their children the best educational help at home.  Heavier babies also have psychological advantage as well as a better physical start in life, because they have reasons to be more contented.

The above-mentioned are not totally reliable but there are indications that more babies became bright and lively of with those signs.

Freeman said different abilities in newborns develop at different rates and, though there’s some coordination between them, it would never do to measure the growth of one or two abilities and judge the rest on that basis. Some of a baby’s skills are related to her degree of physical development, others to experience, and some to both.

I believe that what is important is always look at your baby as a whole person.  If you already seen the signs that your baby is likely to be very bright, helping him more will keep that advantage.

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