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How To Teach Your Child To Be Tidy

Some children grow up thinking that there is always going to be someone else to pick up for them and they build habits that do not serve them as they grow into adults. The best way to ensure that they are a tidy adult is to start when they are young in training them to have healthy cleaning habits and to be a tidy person. Here are 5 tips for how to train your child to be tidy.

Start early

It is never too early to start getting your child into the habit of picking up after themselves. From even a very young age your child can assist with this by taking their plate from the dinner table to the sink. When they come home from school, show them where to put their bag and shoes, and get them in the habit of putting their things away instead of throwing them down on the ground.

Have a place for everything

When everything has its place and your child knows where it is, they will be a lot more likely to clean up after themselves. Labelling shelves, drawers and other storage areas will assist them with knowing where everything goes. If they have too much stuff and find it difficult to put their things away then get rid of some things to make it easier for them.

Lead by example

If your child sees that you keep your things tidy then they will naturally make an effort to do the same. Having said that, sometimes children are messy, regardless of whether their parents are tidy, but they can learn through your good example. If you want them to be a tidy person but you are not tidy yourself then they will not be likely to work very hard at it themselves, so lead by example.

Get your child involved in cleaning

You can start getting your child involved in cleaning from a very young age. If you use eco-friendly cleaning products then you will feel better about allowing them to get in and lend a hand. While you are cleaning if your child comes into the room give them a cloth and show them how to do it. If you start this from when they are very young they will get into the habit of doing it. When they first start cleaning they may not be very good at it, but the object of the process is to get them feeling good about cleaning, so even if they don’t do a good job, praise them for getting involved and they will be more likely to come back to help the next time.

Reward them

A few words of encouragement will make a huge difference in training your child to be tidy. If they feel good about the experience of cleaning then they will be much more likely to think about doing it again. When your child does some cleaning, even if it is only a small thing, reward them, and they will see it as an enjoyable thing to do and it will create a good cleaning habit for them.For more cleaning tips and ideas go to www.amcclean.com.au.

This is a guest post, written by Natalie Brown

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  1. i always explaining the my kids on how to help the environment by not throwing little trash and putting it on pants pocket when we dont see any trash can

  2. This was so interesting to read, my daughter is so tidy by nature but does a lot of these things with her friends to encourage them not to make messes!

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