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How To Stay Productive While Spending Time With the Kids

If you’re a mother who has recently started her own business, congratulations! You’re on your way to creating your own hours, having more time for your family, and working with whoever you choose to work with.

However, with freedom to work on your own comes great responsibility. You have to set aside money for taxes monthly and you also have to make sure you arrange enough time to work without distraction. If you’re having a challenging time completing freelance assignments on time, here are some tips to get you going in the right direction:

Rent an office space for selected days of the week

Sometimes having the kids around when you’re trying to work makes it difficult to get things done and be productive. If your husband is home on particular days you might want to consider renting an office space so that you can be more productive. Depending on where you are located, find an Austin office space for rent and enjoy getting away from the kids for a day and getting work done simultaneously.

Put on a movie for the kids or assign them tasks

If your kids are having a hard time not coming to you during every waking minute to ask you a question, you may want to consider assigning them tasks to keep them preoccupied. You can put on a movie or ask them to clean up their rooms while playing their favorite music. This will keep them preoccupied for at least a few hours and then the freed up time will give you the time that you need to get work done. If you have a baby, you can put him or her down for a nap and work during that time as well.

Consider getting a baby sitter for one to two days a week

Can’t leave home due to a newborn baby or children who require a lot of attention? Try finding and hiring a baby sitter that will watch over the kids and entertain them, even when you’re at home. This will give you the opportunity to get assignments done and have time to yourself as well. It may seem counter-productive hiring a sitter when you are staying home because you want to spend more time with your children, but hiring a sitter when you’re trying to get work done occasionally will certainly help you get more done and make more money.

Being independent and working on your own is fun, but finding the time to do your work is even more challenging. So take a deep breath and brainstorm on how you can stay productive and make time for your kids as well. With new work on the horizon and plenty of time to be with your kids, anything is possible.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She works at home but doesn’t have kids yet.  So that she’s less distracted, she’s considering consulting with Austin Tenant Advisors to learn about renting her own work space.

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  1. I have thought of renting my own space many times. I think you just opened up something I had not thought of my husband is off on 2 days of the week and I think I will pack up on those days and go up and work in the Club House of the apartment complex I live in. I also just took on a second va. as I could not get everything done I need to get done so with her and some quite space I may be able to get caught up and start fresh.

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