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How To Maintain Your Lawn and Garden Tools

Lawn and garden tools are often exposed to a variety of weather and soil conditions, so it’s especially important to inspect and maintain them regularly.

Clean trimmer parts and other components, such as lawn mower blades, rakes, shovel, hoes and gardening trowels after each use. They can be sprayed with a hose to remove dirt; scraping or scrubbing with a wire brush will remove clay and other cake-on materials. Dry them thoroughly after cleaning, and lightly wipe metal parts and blades with a cotton rag soaked in oil.

In Autumn, tools should be cleaned and winterized before storage. Remove the spark plug from your lawn mower, place a spoonful of oil in the cylinder, crank the engine a few time, and then replace the plug; you should then gas-powered mowers until empty of gas before winter storage.

A bucket of fine sand mixed with a little oil is an ideal way to winter-proof shovel heads, hoes and trowels. Just shove the metal business end of the tools down into the bucket to coat them. This will prevent rust from oxidation and moisture over the winter.

In Springtime, all tools should be inspected for any damage the occurred during storage, replace the oil and air filter in your lawn mower, and clean, sharpen and oil the blades of all your gardening tools.

Good maintenance should help keep your gardening tools and equipment working season after season. This will save time and money, so you can spend more of your outdoor moments enjoying your living space.

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