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How to find the property of your dreams?

Buying your dream place is an investment–and can be as hard to do as finding the perfect partner. Here’s an article to make your search a little easier.

Buying a new property is an investment that you shouldn’t take lightly. It’ll be the house or apartment you’re going to stay in for years to come. It’ll be a place where you can see yourself spending your life in or raising a family in. Not to mention that a huge sum of money goes into it. You can’t exactly switch houses as easily as you do when you throw out your old phone and purchase the brand new iPhone or Samsung phone for the year.

And this makes picking your dream home a lot harder to do.

Picking your dream home is a lot like finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. There are certain qualities that your ideal property should absolutely have: easily accessible via commute, it’s in a good neighborhood, has no termites or rain damage present in the house or the building, etc. On the other hand, there are other traits that may be negotiable or traits that you may be willing to turn a blind eye to easy accessibility to malls or restaurants, good schools that are nearby, affordability, etc.

Depending on what you prioritize, there are too many things to consider on your own–which is having plenty of avenues to help you select your new home is definitely a plus to all new home buyers.


This is arguably one of the most dependable ways to find the property of your dreams. You get referrals from friends and family who may be selling or know of a friend who’s selling the exact same house you were looking for. It’s one of the most dependable ways because, more often than not, you get recommendations based on properties they’ve already seen or they’ve already lived in.

It’ll also be much easier to schedule an open house viewing since you’re already connected to the owner—whether directly or through a mutual connection of yours. You might also get some sweet discounts on the place.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents make the process of finding your dream home a whole lot easier. They not only guide you through the whole process, but they take care of every little thing you need to get the perfect home. They call their contacts, they refer to their already existing property list, they scour through the real estate sites for you. They go through the entire process of searching for your dream home just so you don’t have to. Real estate agents will stop at nothing to get you the home of your dreams.

They make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The only downside to them is that they can be costly.

Depending on who you hire and their years of experience, it might cost you tens of thousands more to hire a real estate agent to acquire a property for you. Labor shouldn’t come cheap after all. A man (or woman) has to make their own living.

Real estate sites

A good alternative to real estate agents. They make searching for homes painless by categorizing the houses or properties, in general, according to what you want and what you’re looking for. If you’re searching for a rent to own house in Bulacan with at least two bedrooms, you could look it up through one of these real estate sites and it’ll tell you where these are available and all the information you need to know about them.

These sites make it easier to compare the pros and cons of one property with another. From prices to the area to accessibility, they’re all viewable with just a click.

If you want to check one out, you can try looking at Lamudi’s site and see if a real estate site’s the ideal venue for you.

Other online portals

Facebook marketplace, eBay, OLX—yes, you name it. These other online portals can also help you find your dream home. Although not as specific and detailed as real estate sites, these online portals have a wider range available to them.

Looking for a three-story townhouse in Marikina? How about a rent-to-own condo unit in Pasay? What about a small apartment unit within the hustle and bustle of busy Makati? If you’re looking for any one of them or even, all three of them, then chances are these other sites may have it available for you.

The online sellers on these sites may be amiable to negotiate the prices down for you too!

Finding your dream home is never easy, but with the help of these four avenues, the stress of selecting a new home may just have gotten smaller.

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