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How To Eradicate “Unseen Dangers” At Home

If it’s difficult enough to confront an enemy that’s clearly visible, then it is more challenging if it is unseen.

Take, for example, dust mites, those invisible creatures too-small to see with the naked eye without the aid of a microscope or magnifying lens and belongs to the arthropod family (spiders, scorpions and ticks). They usually feed on human dead skin and leftover food from all those boob-tube marathons that leave behind bits of popcorn and chips on the sofa, on bedcovers and atop other furniture.

However, it’s not the dust mites that actually wreak havoc to our health but their excreta (feces). Most people develop severe allergies like itchy red lumps when they come in contact with dust mite droppings, or even severe difficulty breathing and asthma attacks once dust laden with dust mite droppings is inhaled.

The great news, however, is that a new home device was invented to ward off these dangerous parasites through the use of UVC. UVC is a type of ultraviolet ray from the sun that’s germicidal in nature and kills various bacteria upon exposure in just a few seconds. And this is the type of technology used by a pioneering home appliance: the Raycop UVC anti-allergy cleaner.

“Me and my two boys, 5-year-old Jacob and 14-year-old Jason, are all asthmatic. Now that I’m using Raycop’s revolutionary cleaner, the attacks became less and less. I don’t get stressed out that much but what’s good is that I have lesser expenses on medications,” shared popular radio deejay DJ George.

She said that while they don’t scrimp on their health budget, the Raycop has made it even more affordable for them, budget-wise and as long as it does its job, they’ll have peace of mind. “It’s so easy to use. You need not make pagpag (repeated beatings), bilad (tedious sun drying), and with its powerful features, the dust mites are shaken and sucked out,” she continued.

Raycop’s process of eliminating bacteria and other allergens is through its 3-step allergy care system of vibrating, sterilizing and double-filtering. “A regular vacuum cleaner does not work the same way as Raycop’s Smart or Hera anti-allergy cleaners because dust particles are still blown into the air. And most models are not specific for mattresses, so you still feel the itch after cleaning them. With Raycop, you feel the cleanliness. It makes your bed linens smooth like those on a hotel bed because of the UVC component that thoroughly cleans them. You’ll realize the sniffles are gone and you don’t sneeze as much, especially in the mornings,” attested Raycop’s new brand ambassador.

Georgia Cotaoco, more popularly known as DJ George, is heard daily over at Wave 89.1 FM. “I’m now more relaxed. I have more quality time with the family without feeling anxious that my brood would have impending asthma attacks. The Raycop UVC anti-allergy cleaner is truly a wise investment, easy to use and light on the family budget,” she concluded.

Raycop’s UVC anti-allergy cleaner is the first anti-allergy home device with the Seal of Approval from the prestigious British Allergy Foundation, the Trophee de la Maison from the French Consumers’ Union, and the LOHAS Seal of Approval from the Korea Standards Association.

Manufactured by the Health and Home appliances division of Bukang Sems Co., Ltd., the global and award-winning Korean-based company headquartered in Incheon, the brand is sold in around 30 countries worldwide including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Raycop’s aim is to help people live healthier and create a better home environment for their loved ones.

The Raycop UVC ‘Smart’ and ‘Hera’ vacuum cleaners are available at all Rustan’s department stores, S & R outlets, Landmark, Wilcon Builders (Libis branch) and all Abenson’s department stores. For more information about the Raycop product line and its outstanding features, simply call Zinven International Corp., the exclusive distributor of Raycop UVC anti-allergy cleaner, at 926-7782 or 926-7786 or visit their Web site at www.raycop.com.

Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by Raycop. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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  1. My daughter and I have terrible allergies. I wonder if these mites could be contributing to that. I would love to try out a Raycop and see if they improve.

  2. My husband has terrible allergy problems. Maybe dust mites are a key contributor. I’ve got to checkn into this Raycorp product more thoroughly. Thanks.

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