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How To Encourage A Resistant Child To Brush Teeth

Most mothers are very particular on taking care of their children’s teeth. From birth, it is appropriate to make sure that you provide enough gum and dental care for your child.

It was just unfortunate for some toddler with ages 2 or 3 who already lost their milk teeth to cavities and other destructive decays. Teaching them at early age on how to love and keep their teeth clean will save them from unnecessary unbearable pain.

For both of my children, I bought gum and tongue cleaner when they are newly birth and few weeks old. Then, few months after, a soft rubber toothbrush. And at age of 1, a small true toothbrush with fluoride paste that is safe to be swallowed. You could buy toothbrushes for Stages 1 to 3, depending on your child’s age.

Brushing our little kids’ teeth is a challenge, right? Some of them are annoyed by the toothbrush and toothpaste. Others wouldn’t do brushing if not being pushed or forced.

Good thing that my two kids enjoy brushing their teeth. Especially my 4-year old girl who sometimes reminds me to switch on the light at our restroom because she wants to brush her teeth. My one-year old son still needs a little assistance on tooth brushing. He always bite the brush before I got finished cleaning his teeth.

And now, they are having much fun brushing teeth because of the smooth toothbrush gift from Jade of Momma Wannabe.

[One for the little girl, one for the baby boy.]

Tooth brushing is never been this fun for them and they did not get bored doing it every day since the FireFly toothbrush has musical timer! My baby boy almost memorized the song in the tooth brush.


So, when training your child on tooth brushing, remember the following:

1. Have a lot of patience. It takes time for them to get used to it especially when they already shown resistance.

2. Do it like you were playing. I used to play that the toothbrush is flying before it lands on my child’s teeth.

3. Do not give minty toothpaste. It may have flavors but some children do not like mints. They will surely discouraged to try it again.

4. No hard toothbrushes, please. You do not want to see bleeding gums of your little one, right?

3. Use colorful and fun toothbrushes. Some tooth brush has images or even miniature of famous cartoon characters, they will surely love it.

4. Add music. Yes, try Firefly or other brands of toothbrush with music timer.

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  1. Elijah have firefly toothbrush. We got 5 or 6 pcs of it if im not mistaken. Now I can’t find them. Silly Elijah!

  2. As a dentist ,I never had problem with my kids teeth .They brush their teeth regularly.Bring the child to the dentist as early as possible for check up ,cleaning and flouride application A regular check up ,2x a year is important. Brushing ,with soft tooth brush,flouride tooth paste.It is better if you and your kids brush together,you kids ,they do what moms are doing.

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