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How To Become A Good Parent

Nobody is perfect. Not even our own parents. But the important thing is that we, as parents, are trying to fulfill our children’s needs and developing them to become good and responsible citizens.

So, are you a good parent? You might try a little reflection.

  • Harsh discipline is a NO.

Some children grew up with physical abuse as a way of their parents’ discipline. But this can make children angrier. When a child’s tantrums are uncontrollable and giving you a lot of pressure, stop for a moment, breathe while counting to ten and then try to smile or laugh. Your child might somehow realized that you’re not interested in his tantrum.

  • Set rules and decisions but explain it.

If you just punished or praised your child without explaining it, do you think he would understand or learn from it. Yes, your little one cannot read minds. Also, establishing “family rules” is a great tool of communicating your expectations.

  • Get involve in your child’s life.

Easier said than done, right? Especially if you’re a working parent, it would mean rearranging your priorities and sacrifice. But it is important to balance everything. Well, while spending some quality time with family on a weekend, it is okay to excuse for an hour but explain to them that you just need to catch up on emails or other workloads.

  • Respect to your child is must.

The simple but best approach to a good parent-child relationships is respecting them just like you wanted to be treated. Your child’s tantrums, whining or being ungrateful could be because you failed to halt in barking orders all day, ignoring courtesies which are also due to your child.

  • Help them feel safe.

The feeling of security starts from home. Hang some family portraits around the house for them to sense they belong. Also, try not to argue with your spouse in front the children, for this may cause them fear at insecurity. Instead, show them that every disagreement can be resolve peacefully.

  • Know what is one important thing about your child’s day.

This will make your child feel that you’re interested or care for what he do or involved with. As he grew older, he will be comfortable to share enough about his worries and fears.

  • Do something familiar.

Indeed, children love routine and ritual. So, if there is a special thing you  and your children love doing, make time to make it part of your day or week. Children love the repetition of something lovely and will remember these little loving moments as they get older.

  • Read together.

Children love to read. And reading with your child creates a perfect bonding time together.

All mentioned above can be simple or complicated for different parents. The important thing is, try not to judge yourself against others. Enjoy the quality time with your little ones, make them feel loved and listen to them.

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