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Household Renovation Ideas and Projects

An old home can surely use an upgrade that adds extra style, function and utility to any interior space. The kitchen is the most common area of a home that is remodeled. After all, this section is used daily to prepare meals and take care of other cooking tasks. A dream kitchen remodeling project starts on a computer program that can be used to draft realistic personalized floor plans. Local contractors use the latest editions of Computer Aided Design to craft a custom kitchen layout.

A two dimensional floor plan is first created in order to get a general idea of the major features. For example, all of the cabinets are first placed on an empty kitchen floor plan. A specific layout has to be selected such as L, U, island and peninsula. The appliances are installed around the core concept of the cabinetry. Additionally, the sink is also placed on a floor plan that has a specific layout that’s dominated by cabinets.

The concept of a “work triangle” must be properly integrated into the design of a custom kitchen. This idea refers to the total perimeter of an imaginary triangular shape that’s formed by connecting the refrigerator, sink and range oven. A functional kitchen should have these three major appliances relatively close to each other. In other words, each appliance should be within a hand’s reach of a person that’s standing in a fixed point in the kitchen.

The design concept of a kitchen must also take into consideration the presence of any young kids. For example, the appliances and cabinets may have to be child proof to prevent unauthorized access to potentially hazardous items. For example, the top wall mounted cabinets in a kitchen shouldn’t be accessible to children below the age of ten.

The materials of a custom kitchen can be selected based on the overall interior theme of a home. Contemporary styles usually include materials such as stainless steel, chrome and nickel. Modern french door refrigerators are excellent additions to spacious contemporary kitchens. Traditional kitchens are dominated by rich wooden materials as well as all natural stones such as marble and granite. Computer programs can be used to mix and match different materials until the perfect design is finally selected. NYC remodeling is an example of a company that offers custom kitchen designs. A typical kitchen renovation project may be completed in only a few weeks.

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