Men, some of you may already knew how a wife can be a superwoman! Try to imagine her with other thousand-and-one chores besides being a mother, cook, nurse, budget authority, chauffeur and of course, being a wife.

But did you know that in most cases, her impetus, enthusiasm and success depends largely on the attitude of her husband?

So to all husbands out there, try this simple quiz to check your Husband Quotient.




1. Do you take the rime to listen sympathetically when your wife has obviously suffered a discouraging day?
2. Do you make it a point to compliment your wife when she prepares a good meal, ,makes new curtains or does something well?
3. Do you tend your chores, repairs, the garden, etc., without forcing her to remind you or nag to get it done?
4. Do you back her decisions in front of the children (even though you may not completely agree at the time?
5. Do you let your wife and the children know that homemaking is a complex and important job rather than underrating it?
6. Do you pick up after yourself?
7. Do you refrain from venting your fatigue or bad temper at home?
8. Do you show an interest in the children and their activities?
9. Do you discuss the family budget intelligently with your wife?
10. Do you welcome her family and friends, even though they may not be your favorite people?
11. Do you offer to “house-sit” and “baby-sit” so your wife can have sometime away from home on her own?
12. Are you capable of making your wife laugh when things go wrong rather than creating a scene?


Desirable answers: All answers should be YES.

10 – 12 correct answers: You are a paragon of virtue and your wife is a fortunate woman. If she doesn’t realize it, show this quiz to her.

5 – 9 correct answers: No doubt your wife shrugs off your faults and makes excuses for you but you ARE irritating at times. Examine yourself and your actions when all does not go smoothly at home.

2 – 4 correct answers: You are less considerate of your wife than you would be of hired help. The problem is that it is more difficult for her to give you notice and look for another job. Dear husband, you are brewing your own storm!

0 – 1 correct answers: By comparison with you, Frankenstein is a thoroughly loveable personality.