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Hello Kitty Meet and Greet!

It was our little princess’ second time to meet and greet Hello Kitty, her favorite character. The last one was in 2012. And this time, she’s not alone in meeting the popular cat. Her sibling, Dustin joined the excitement!

We are very fortunate to be two of the first 30 fans who signed up for free tickets! Yes, we are very first! For those who wants to join meet and greet, they have to bought Hello Kitty items with a minimum amount of P500. So, this means we saved P1,000! How cool was that?!

A Hello Kitty mascot had a dance presentation then allowed those who have tickets to greet her at the stage and to take some photos. It was the highlight of the event which really excites most of Hello Kitty fans! It was so heart-warming to see how happy my kids are.

It was a surprise to me that my little did not fear the mascot neither had a stage fright. Instead he hugged and gave high fives to Hello Kitty.

 And they can’t get enough.

Hello Kitty is really pretty and some wonder if she can wear something from http://devilswink.com/. Looking forward to another Meet and Greet next year!

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