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Guide To Using Red Color In Kitchen Décor

Red is often associated with passion which is why it is a color that complements good food and dining. Because it’s an eye-catching color that stimulates the appetite, you won’t be surprised to see it worked in to the design of many restaurants and dining rooms.  Needless to say, it will also work very well in your own kitchen design, where your creativity can be fully realized.

There are several ways to integrate the color red in to your kitchen, from subtle and dark burgundy shades, to a bright and intense fiery flash of scarlet or cherry.

· Kitchen accessories can be a great way to introduce some color to a monochrome kitchen.

A bold red kettle and toaster matched with exciting crockery could be the breath of life an all cream kitchen is looking for.

· For something a little more intense, try adding flashes of red to a kitchen comprising black cabinets and granite worktops. Be daring with red appliances like cookers and dishwashers for a real style statement.
This will create a streamlined and expensive look like you might find in luxury hotels and restaurants.

· Try overhauling a dull kitchen with a lick of paint to the kitchen cabinets.
Black, cream and red work best together but you could be adventurous (and patriotic) by adding a splash of blue to the mix.

Red can brighten up your kitchen, as can the appliances you choose.  Thanks to Britannia, you can now choose the exact color you want for your range cooker.  After you have chosen your perfect cooker from their Sigma, Dynasty or Classic product families, their exclusive Colorange service will create a unique cooker in a color to ideally complement your new kitchen. Just send them a sample of the desired color; it can be anything from a swatch of fabric to your favorite nail polish.

Who wouldn’t be impressed to see their dinner party food being prepared in a cooker that is as individual as its owner?

This article was provided by Britannia Living, helping you find the best range cooker designs to fit your lifestyle.

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