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Guavawash: A Natural Way of Preventing Skin Infections

Most active kids are prone to injuries, skin lesions and allergies. We cannot completely prevent them from moving around and playing to areas which are sometimes unsafe. Considering these facts, it’s important that we know basic first aid.

Some parents would take extra precaution against infection, especially on wounds. While there are available antiseptic wash in drugstores, wound cleansing using natural leaves is also a wise option.

The youngest in the family recently had a skin allergy. Itchiness gave him discomfort in sleeping. Timely, a box of Guavawash was sent to me to review. While this Guavawash does not necessarily cure the allergy, knowing it can cleanse and prevent skin infection I used it in bathing my little boy.

Allergy it is..

It soothes his skin and lessened itchiness for 3 days until the skin allergies disappeared. Using it is like pouring a sachet of coffee in a hot water, so simple. Smells like real guava leaves and its mild menthol effect gave him coolness he badly needs that time.

One sachet is enough for a day.

About Guavawash

Guavawash contains guava leaves extract, traditionally used to wash skin and wounds to help prevent infection. Guavawash also contains the natural extracts of:

  • Eucalyptus – has cooling effect alleviating pain on wound or affected areas
  • Lavender – antiseptic, aromatherapy
  • Lemon Grass – anti-microbial, fungicidal
  • Mint – soothes itchy skin
  • Rose Root – anti-oxidant, prevents premature wrinkling

Which all together soothe, nourish and cleanse the skin, preventing it from infection.

Trust Guavawash to cleanse your skin.

How to use:

Pour contents in 1 liter of warm water. Soak affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes.

Availability: 10g sachet in box of 36s
Suggested Retail Price: P28


  • Antiseptic and astringent for washing skin, helping prevent irritation and infection
  • Fungal infections like alipunga and hadhad
  • Minor skin irritations like bungang-araw and sunburn

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