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Green Resolutions For The Green Revolution

For several years now, green advocates have been promoting recycling, proper waste disposal and segregation as a means to reduce pollution and clogging in the waterways.

Recently, some local governments implemented ordinances that ban the use of plastic in the community.  These efforts show us that protecting the environment by all means possible is a responsibility of everyone in the community. Aside from recycling and using eco-bags for shopping, there are still some green resolutions that one can adopt for a cleaner and greener world.

One green resolution is to be a practical shopper.  Buying only the things that you need is one way to reduce waste in the household.  Avid shoppers who buy more than what they need often end up with items that simply take up closet spaces or worse food items that simply rot or spoil in the pantry.

Going for good quality items is also a practical option. Replacing the strings of an electric guitar with the best Dunlop Strings is one way to ensure that you’re getting a durable and long lasting product. This means less replacements and less waste.

Although it took some time before people started taking the green revolution seriously, it is good to know that we are finally making some progress. It doesn’t have to be the start of the New Year for one to make a resolution, especially if it is one that will help in preserving the environment.

Starting your own green resolution now can help create a better environment that your children can enjoy in the future.

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  1. It’s best to use our own personal grocery bag when shopping so that we could help by not using plastic anymore.

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