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Giveaway: Mixie Gift Pack ($89 Value)

Who would ever think that the time would come that preparing a mix formula for your baby will not be as chaotic as it used to be? This innovation can be interesting to many, especially to those who are juggling with their work and career and responsibilities in the family.

Sponsored by Mixie / Hosted by Conservamom

Read on below what the author of Conservamom has to say about Mixie:

As parents the last thing we have anything of is time. Between running around and getting things done it can be chaotic when our little ones become hungry. When feeding time strikes it can become even more chaotic when trying to mix formula in a bottle. That’s why the creators of Mixie came up with a revolutionary system that allows you to fix your little one’s formula bottle and have it ready to go when hunger strikes!

  • Compartment lid works as free-floating agitator to mix without clumping
  • Patented air tight design, keeping formula dry and separate from water until it’s feeding time
  • Babies and busy parents love the Mixie formula-mixing bottle because hunger simply has no patience
(photo credit to the owner)

With Mixie you can fix your little one’s bottles ahead of time and then simply take it out when it’s time to use, Simplifying life for you and baby! You can get your hands on a Mixie set by heading over to their shop.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will get their chance to own a fantastic Mixie Set Worth $89! This set includes two 4oz bottles, two 8oz bottles, and one box each of our Stage 1, 2, and 3 replacement nipples. Just head below and enter for your chance to win!



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