Reading is a hobby all children should be able to enjoy, and it presents a great opportunity to learn not only more about the world, but about one’s self. In fact, reading books that a child can relate to will give her more self-esteem and confidence to pursue interests and dreams. Getting hooked on reading early on will also bolster future success in school.

Getting started with your little one is simple. Just start acquiring a small library of books until you get a sense of what your child likes. If you’re purchasing a book for someone else, choices that feature animals as main characters are always winners, and you’re likely to get the best reception when you opt for colorful illustrations.

Something you may never have considered are actually personalized books. Children love to daydream and envision themselves in the midst of magical adventures. A book that substitutes the main character’s name with their own will only blossom this trend further.

A personalized book will make the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday or other occasion where the child is center stage. He’ll likely want you to read the book to him each night, memorizing the words in time. Before you know it, your little one will be just as enthralled with reading as you are.

If you’re not prone to reading very often, it also presents a sterling opportunity to get acquainted with tomes yourself. Snuggling up with a good read can be very therapeutic for the soul, and there’s no time like today.