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Getting Married: Are You Easy To Live With?

You might be the most pleasant person on earth, but you must admit that you to have your moments of those exasperating moods! In spite of this, does your spouse still think you are soft and easy to get on with? Read on and see for yourself.

These questions will reveal the truth if you answer them honestly!

1. When the alarm-clock rings in the morning, do you:

a) Turn over for a few more minutes?

b) Rise and shine?

c) Stay in bed until the last possible moment?

2. Do you appear breakfast:

a) All spruced up?

b) Dressed, but not ready to go out?

c) Dishevel led and in your dressing gown?

3. On most mornings, are you:

a) Anxious to keep to your usual routine?

b) Always half-asleep?

c) Reluctant to start the day?

4. You meet your husband (or wife) for a restaurant lunch. Are you:

a) Full of the mornings woes?

b) Anxious to make the occasion especially pleasant?

c) Your normal self?

5. You’re watching your favorite TV program when a friend of your husband (or wife) calls and wants to talk. Do you:

a) Switch off without a word?

b) Turn down the sound but continue viewing?

c) Suggest that the visitor looks into?

6. Do you think your husband (or wife):

a) Is good at heart but a bit tiresome?

b) A wonderful person to live with?

c) Is just an ordinary person?

7. Do you:

a) Always remember birthdays and other anniversaries?

b) Consider such sentimentality childish, even though conventionally marking the occasion?

c) Forget them as often as not?

8. Do you direct attention to your partners fault in front of your children:

a) Never?

b) Sometimes?

c) Regularly?

9. Which do you consider the most annoying:

a) Being for late meals?

b) Being a poor shopper?

c) Being absent-minded?

10. Do you consider the need for occasional solitude among married folk:

a) An unhealthy sign?

b) Probably beneficial?

c) Just a fad?

11. Do you discuss other people:

a) Critically?

b) Humorously?

c) Not at all?

12. Is your sense of humor:

a) A bit rusty?

b) Always in action?

c) Non-existent?


Answers (points system):

1) (a)2 (b)5 (c)0

2) (a)6 (b)5 (c)2

3) (a)5 (b)0 (c)2

4) (a)2 (b)3 (c)0

5) (a)6 (b)3 (c)0

6) (a)2 (b)5 (c)4

7) (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

8) (a)6 (b)2 (c)0

9) (a)4 (b)5 (c)2

10) (a)0 (b)6 (c)1

11) (a)4 (b)4 (c)2

12) (a)2 (b)5 (c)0

Your score:

Over 50: You’re marvelously easy to live with, tolerant, patient, yet good company. Your partner must bless the day he/she married you!

20-50: You are not difficult to live with, but a bit exasperating at times. Try seeing the other person’s point of view more often.

Below 20: You need to watch the old selfishness and “I’m always right” attitude.


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