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Gear-Up for an Annual General Cleaning

Most households schedule their general cleaning and home repair tasks during the summer season. Aside from good weather conditions, summer also means that the kids will be at home and ready to help out with the chores. Summer really is the perfect season for homemakers to prepare the whole household for a top to bottom general cleaning.

Here are some things that you might need for this big family activity.

1. Cleaning Tools and Implements. Check your cleaning supplies and make sure that your have enough to cover every nook and cranny of the house. This includes cleaning solutions, deodorizers, sponge, brush, scrapers, trash bags, and anything else that can help you remove dirt and stains around the house.

2. Safety Equipment and Protective Gear. Those who intend to check the roof, ceiling, and other dangerous parts of the house need to get themselves a proper ladder and harness if necessary. A first aid kit should also be available in case of accidents and a list of emergency numbers posted near the phone in case anybody needs it during the clean-up period.

3. Proper Clothing. Cleaners should also be outfitted properly for their tasks. Those who would inspect the roof should have helmets and gloves. Wearing emt pants, cargo pants, or a handy man belt can also help in making these tasks easier.

Major tasks like these can be more fun when the whole family is involved. Tasks can also be performed better or more efficiently if the whole household is prepared and geared-up for an annual home maintenance and general cleaning activity.

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