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Garden Fixtures In Urban Jungles

Having a garden in the yard or inside the house is fast becoming a luxury with the urbanization projects in rural areas and the growth of high-rise infrastructures in the city.

Those who have ample lot areas to accommodate outdoor gardens are privileged to enjoy green spaces created by landscape artists for the family to enjoy.  Flora and fauna lovers with limited space content themselves with pocket gardens while those who live in the concrete jungle simply make do with potted plants in their indoor garden.

Garden designs vary depending on the owner’s taste, preference or the over-all design of the house.  Most Filipino homeowners today go for a fusion of Filipino and Mediterranean Style Landscape that makes use of palms and tropical plants.  These designs can change from time to time based on current trends or lifestyle changes.

Home garden designs may have changed with the modern trends and living conditions but one thing seem to remain constant in Filipino Gardens, the presence of a grotto or a shrine amid the green spaces that they created.  Images of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary are quite common in grottos but one can also find other icons like a saint statue on some occasions.  These grottos highlight Filipinos deep devotion to their faith and their love for nature.

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  1. Your article was interesting. As you say, your garden depends on the size of your area. However small or large, one can always spruce up an area by adding various garden fixtures according to your style and preference.

  2. I wonder if places like New York City, being very urban and no place for an outside garden, would also do things like have an indoor garden. I believe many people tend to houseplants as a substitute for an outdoor garden in the cities. Growing up, my mom had a real green thumb; her houseplants thrived and she had good luck growing roses outside too. We didn’t live in a concrete jungle but had a large yard and a vegetable garden 🙂

  3. Interesting that Filipino people put religious statues in their gardens. I am Portuguese and we put religious statues in our yards and gardens too. We also put them in our homes.

  4. we love nature. we garden and we have huge trees 🙂 we have mango, papaya, etc. we have green hands. My father maintains the garden clean and the jungle too hahaha. we also have vegetables.

  5. We also have a grotto in our garden. My parents are both devote catholic so I grew up having that grotto in our garden. Gardening is also my parent’s hobby and I think majority of us Filipinos are flora and fauna enthusiast.

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