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Flooring That Even Chuck Norris Can’t Defeat

Although he’s one of the few people to have gone head to head with Bruce Lee and survived, and his martial arts prowess is the stuff of modern legend, even Chuck Norris can’t stand up to tough vinyl flooring. Modern vinyl is hardy enough to withstand the greatest roundhouse kicks and most forceful karate chops, and such strength makes it perfect for home improvement.

Why Strength Is Essential

Of course, most flooring will never realistically encounter forces of Norris-level magnitude, but that doesn’t mean that toughness isn’t important. The absence of direct high-level stresses is more than made up for by the consistent presence of wear and tear over the years. The same gradual effects that erode outdoor landscapes as people walk on them can also wear at improperly fitted or poorly manufactured vinyl flooring.

Finding a Good Match

It’s not enough for a flooring manufacturer to just claim that their vinyl floors can take a beating. Homeowners must rely on proven examples to find good flooring products, and the simplest route is usually the best.

For instance, you could ask Arnold Schwarzenegger to drive over your chosen floor tiles in one of his Hummers to see how strong they really are, but it’s much easier to just look for flooring that has been tested in high-traffic spaces. Areas like shops, factories and other business venues experience a lot more wear and tear, hence building materials used in these spaces usually go above and beyond in homes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make your home look like a manufacturing plant to benefit from strong flooring. You can easily find vinyl design flooring that mimics the natural feel and appearance of wood or stone. This makes it simple to decorate your interiors properly while adhering to the design scheme you’ve already got going. That way, if Chuck or Arnold ever decide to pay you a visit and mash up the place, they’ll at least be impressed by your cohesive interior decorating skills!

Low Maintenance

It’s also important to remember that the floors you install need to do more than stand up to the superhuman strength of world-class karate-men. Ease of care is just as important as durability, especially in commercial spaces. Spills, scrapes and accidents are just waiting to happen in these areas. Firms that want to put their best feet forward for their customers make sure to invest in flooring that doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean.

Of course, homeowners who are also parents know that children are just as dangerous as action stars and in many cases, even more so. Flooring that resists all the messes kids can make without even trying is critical to well-kept homes.

One of the nicest things about modern vinyl flooring, however, is that it can be replaced quite easily. While most homeowners and businesses use theirs for decades on end, there are situations where people decide they need to upgrade for cosmetic reasons or simply because they’ve made other additions and they want everything to have cohesion. It’s nice to have flooring that doesn’t require heavy tools, huge amounts of effort or room-wide renovations to replace.

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