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Five Suggestions For Finding A New Dentist

There are many reasons why people might need to find a new dentist. Because there are many qualified clinics in the Charlotte area, such as Drake Dentistry, the question is how to find the right one for you and your family. Following are five suggestions to help you find the dental practice that fits your needs:

  • Get a list of covered clinics from your insurance.
  • Get recommendations from others.
  • Read online reviews.
  • Determine if their services fit your needs.
  • Visit the clinic in person.

Check with Your Insurance

If you have dental insurance, the first place to check is with them. Get a list of dental clinics that are covered by your policy. Many insurance companies have Internet services that will identify covered providers. If not, call the member services and ask them to mail you a list.

Get Recommendations from Others

Ask others for a recommendation. When you talk to others, be sure to ask them specific questions. Find out what they didn’t like about the clinic as well as what they liked. Be sure to check the name of the clinic against your list of covered clinics.

Read Online Reviews

A great feature found on the Internet is the ability to evaluate companies and read what others have said about the companies. Read the reviews written about a few different clinics. Don’t just look at the number ratings; actually read the reviews. Spend some time reading the negative reviews as well as the positive reviews.

Determine an Appropriate Fit

Another aspect is to consider whether their services are a good fit for you. Are they close enough to work or home? Do they offer the hours that you need? Do they treat children? What are their policies for an emergency? Find the answers to questions such as these, and rule out any clinics that don’t fit your requirements.

Make a Personal Visit

Finally, schedule an appointment to visit a clinic personally. Meeting with the dentist and staff of a clinic such as Drake Dentistry will tell you a lot. If you can, arrive early, and watch what goes on while you are in the waiting room. Go prepared with a list of questions to ask the doctor and the office staff. Be aware that much of your contact with the clinic will be with the office staff. If you can’t work well with them, find a different clinic.

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  1. Great tips! I worked in dental offices for many years, these are all important points. THE most important one to start with, I think, is to get a recommendation from someone who is pleased with the dentist and his/her staff. Also, check out the waiting room carefully. Is it clean, and taken care of? If not, that might be a clue that that the instruments, etc., are not being well maintained wither.

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