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FisherFarms Products: A Healthy Alternative for Picky Eaters

There are kids who, no matter how we tried offering them tasty or other creative recipes, keep on resisting vegetables and fish. Hotdogs, friend chicken or eggs are their favorite but it doesn’t give complete them the complete nutrition they need.

It’s a good thing that Fisherfarms products were introduced to us. Encouraging my “treasures” to eat fish is never been so easy. Among their favorites: Fisherfarms Fish Hungarian Sausage, Garlic Fish Longaniza and Fish Nuggets!

Available in 200 grams with 12 pieces per pack, the Fisherfarms Fish Nuggets is cheaper enough for P73.00! Made from milkfish (bangus), which is better than other nuggets in the market that are made from pangasius (malansa).  It’s very similar to McDonald’s chicken nuggets in texture and this makes us easy to convince the kids to regularly eat it! Their fish nuggets is a good source of protein, no trans fat, casein free and can be pan-fried, deep-fried or toasted in the microwave oven.

Where to buy? Alabang Supermarket Corporation, Cherry Foodarama, Landmark, Crossing Supermarket, Daily Supermarket, Puregold Duty Free

Who doesn’t love sausages? Fisherfarms Fish Hungarian Sausage nutritionally delicious! Also a good source of protein and no trans fat, their sausages are gluten-free, casein free, nitrate-free, no fishy taste. Made from milkfish (bangus), though has a bit of coloring, fillers but still made from fish – no pork, beef or chicken. With a suggested retail price of P112.00 per 310 grams pack with 4 pieces, it’s affordable for regular consumption.

Where to buy? Alabang Supermarket Corporation, Cherry Foodarama, Landmark, Crossing Supermarket, Daily Supermarket, Puregold Duty Free, Metro Gaisano, Pioneer Centre, Robinsons, Rustans, Savemore, Shoppers Center, Shopwise, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, South Supermarket, Unimart, Cash and Carry

For only P80.00 per 9-pieces pack, Fisherfarms Garlic Fish Longaniza will surely complete your kids breakfast! Their longaniza is low in cholesterol and low in fat, a good source of protetin, no trans fat, gluten-free, casein free, nitrate-free, no fishy taste and made from milkfish (bangus). It’s best if pan-fried or grilled.

Where to buy? South Supermarket, Unimart, Cash and Carry, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, Savemore, Robinsons Supermarket, Pioneer Centre, Makati Supermarket, Metro Gaisano

Kudos to Fisherfarms for creating a delicious alternatives for kids to eat. Nevertheless, we would still encourage parents to discover more creative fish recipes.

Other best seller of Fisherfarms include the Bangus Lemon Butter, Gourmet Selections Roasted Garlic, Smoked Deboned Milkfish and nothing beats their Rellenong Bangus!

Bangus Lemon Butter (482 grams)

    • 2 to 4 servings with one piece of cooked belly inside
    • microwaveable
    • gluten free
    • Suggested retail price: P249.95
    • Available in S&R
    • Exported to US (Seafood City), Middle East; certified halal

Gourmet Selections Roasted Garlic 4s (400 grams)

  • 4 pieces per pack
  • Succulent milkfish loins in a decadent and zesty garlic marinade
  • Best paired with salad greens, corn on the cob or a cup of rice
  • Can be grilled, pan-fried or baked
  • Suggested retail price: P165.00
  • Available in Shopwise, Rustans

Smoked Deboned Milkfish (400 grams)

  • 4 pieces per pack
  • Smoked using virgin beechwood chips imported from Germany – ensuring rich, smoky taste; a juicy texture; and a chemical-free product
  • Suggested retail price: P140.00
  • Available in Shopwise, Rustans, Alabang Supermarket Corporation, Metro Gaisano, Pioneer Centre, Puregold Duty Free, Robinsons, Rustans, Savemore, Shoppers Center, Shopwise, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, South Supermarket, Unimart, Cash and Carry

Fisherfarms’ Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus was especially concocted by renowned celebrity chef Reggie Aspiras, assuring homemakers of a choice product that is fit to be served in any fine dining establishment. It comes in three sizes to suit your needs: 800 grams, 1.1 kilos and 1.3 kilos. A whole fish could easily feed a party of 12 diners, depending on the size of relleno you choose. The whole bangus is stuffed with a savory filling of fish, sweet potato, bangus belly and shrimp.

Fisherfarms grows its milkfish in the pristine seawaters of Pangasinan in fish cages for a sweeter, more flavorful, firmer and cleaner fish. Only high protein feeds are given to farmed fish to produce high-quality fish meat. For more details about Fisher Farms, visit http://www.fisherfarms.ph.

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