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Finding the Right Sofa

Finding the Right Sofa

Purchasing furniture, particularly sofas, can be expensive and sometimes time consuming. Because it’s not practical to replace your sofa every six months or year, it’s important to choose the right sofa for you and your needs the first time shopping. Of course, there are different pieces and materials to choose from. Depending on your personality, age, and specific tastes, you may wonder what the new hip and trendy type of sofa is to buy and why.

What’s in a Name?

There are different names for sofas, many of which you’ve probably already heard of. For instance, “couch” is another word for sofa. The two names can and are usually used interchangeably. Other terms you may be familiar with include, but are not limited to: sofa bed, davenport, corner sofa, loveseat, futon, and more. The structure of the furniture will most likely depict the name of the piece, i.e. a futon refers to a sofa with storage underneath it or, sometimes, a bed.

What’s New and Trendy?

It’s true: a lot can be said about you and your personality just by what pieces of furniture are in your home. Are your tastes fun and fashionable? Or is your style dull and lacking character? Take a look at the following types of trendy furniture that seem to be “in,” and decide if they fit well with you and your needs.

The Chaise

Considered to be a type or another form of the “loveseat,” chaises are clean looking, cozy, and very trendy, at the moment. Because chaises are significantly smaller than sofas, you basically have free reign when deciding where to place the piece in your living room. For instance, place your chaise by a window to offer a view of the outside grounds that surround your home. Or perhaps you want to create a bolder statement, so place the piece of furniture in the center of the room, next to a small end table of lamp.

It’s Not a Couch, but it’s Equally Comfortable and Stylish

There is no need to worry if you’re against placing a sofa or sofa-type piece of furniture in your room; there are plenty of options available when picking types of furniture. For instance, you may prefer decorating your room with different types of armchairs. Armchairs are fun, flexible, and overly comfortable.

Armchairs are usually available in different designs and colors i.e. Polka dots or stripes, patterns, and even solid colors. You can also choose from chairs that sit high off the ground, or low with a footrest. If you want to be particularly daring, pair a solid toned chaise or loveseat with an armchair that is decorated with a cool, vibrant pattern.

Other Styles to Choose From

Because furniture styles and materials are always changing, you will always have different pieces to choose from when it comes to decorating your home. Futons are practical for overnight guests, while sectionals work best for parties or large family gatherings. If it’s just you and your significant other, then you may wish to go with something smaller or petite such as a loveseat or chaise. Then, you’ll have to decide what materials you want in your home. Remember this tip: leather is always in.

This is a guest post by Kate Simmons, a freelance writer and blogger. She shares her interior design-related articles on various blogs.

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