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Finding The Right Premium Mattress For You

After a long day at work, whether a stressful time at the office or at the field, we can’t seem to stop ourselves from constantly looking at the clock and hope it’s the end of another work day. The image of our bed bellowing on top of our head doesn’t help, for it somewhat pulls your eyelids to close and rest your tired and weary body.

And the onset of the breezy and cold, Christmas night is pulling you to deep slumber even further.

But never worry. It’s a good thing that your bed is one place in your house where you can just lie down and doze off all your stress and worries away. And it’s also a good thing that you have Uratex Premium mattresses to lie down your tired body on for that ultimate comfort.

The Uratex Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory is an example. With advanced and combined pocket-spring system and body-molding memory foam that provides for that soothing slumber, this outstanding mattress is sensitive to body heat and weight and gently matches to the body’s contours in order to provide relief to pressure points. It also allows the joints and spine to be in natural alignment for that full-body feeling of relaxation and a comfortable sleep with less toss and turns for those who work hard all day long.

Or if you’re someone who desires mostly designer-made items, then the Trapunto by Rajo Laurel is perfect for you. Meaning “to embroider” in Italian, the Trapunto, designed exclusively by globally renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel, features classic European quilting style known for fine elegance and exquisite beauty for that unmatched luxury, support and comfort. The contoured cut and knitted fabric cover provides a soft, posh feel for a cool and relaxed sleeping pleasure. The foam and cover are treated with Sanitized® so you’re protected against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and odor. And being a 3-zone mattress, Trapunto ensures superior support in the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas.

Say goodnight and goodbye to: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, joint pain, headaches, muscle aches, sciatica, bed sores, pressure points, numbness, stress, fatigue and insomnia if you use the Uratex Senso Memory Foam Mattress. It is made of high-quality memory or visco-elastic foam developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US for its astronauts and relieve them of extreme pressure during takeoff. It is also treated with Sanitized® to provide safe and effective protection against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odor.

The Uratex Orthocare Mattress, meanwhile, is a Phil. Orthopaedic Association trusted mattress that helps relieve pain, especially for sleepers with back-pain problems. This medical-grade mattress combines a high-density polyurethane mattress and a multi-zone topper with breathable open-pored cell structure, plus fashionable jacquard-woven damask fabric treated with Sanitized® and quilted cover with an elegant, classic design.

For those sensitive to dust mites, allergens and other harmful microorganisms in the bedroom, use the Uratex Purifoam.® Treated with Sanitized® for long-lasting, safe and effective defense against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odors, Purifoam® offers superior quality and made with first-class knitted fabric cover for combined strength, comfort and assured long-lasting protection. This mattress is also a definite must-have even for kids, who spend long and tiring days at school—physically and emotionally.

If you desire deep that’s sound enough for you to be able to relax in the most comforting way ever, then the Therapoint Mattress, a superior grade, high-resilient foam with the Coolmax® Technology Mattress cover, is for you. Its high-performance fabric dries fast and balances body moisture and helps minimize exhaustion caused by perspiration during sleep and maximizes sleep quality. The Therapoint® Mattress is one of the most durable and long-lasting foam mattresses ever designed, perfect for athletes and highly active individuals.

So how would you know what type of bed is best for you based on your physiological needs? Well, Uratex still has the right tool. The “Pressure Imaging System” uses advanced technology to match an individual with a type of mattress by measuring pressure, comfort and support. To do that, Uratex uses the system connected to a computer with custom-designed software. The result is a graphical display of an individual’s various pressure points in one’s body that would help you choose the best mattress for you.

Ah, the mattress. Next to buying healthy food, a mattress that fully supports our body for a restful sleep should be a priority. It doesn’t really have to be a fancy-looking mattress; as long as it functions well in protecting our body, relieving us of pain and other discomfort while we sleep so that we may be recharged the next day, the mattress should be perfect.

It just so happens that its name is Uratex, the trusted mattress brand in the country, that makes our nights—or Christmas nights—shine bright.

For more information, you may check Uratex website – www.uratex.com.ph, their facebook account – facebook.com/Uratex Philippines – and through consumer hotline – 888-6800.


Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by Uratex. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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  1. Its always the best thing to do is buy a good mattress. You will get your moneys worth in the long run its more comfortable and last longer. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  2. I would definitely need the “Pressure Imaging System” to help determine which mattress was proper for myself. I have tried various mattresses over the years and still have not found the perfect one. I’m going to have to check the Uratex website. Thanks for the information.

  3. I have been wanting a new mattress for some time now, as I suffer from back pain due to injury years ago. I would most likely do best with the Uratex Orthocare Mattress. These beds sound oh so wonderful! I hope some day soon I will be in a financial situation to own something so nice 🙂

  4. Yes, you have to be able to find the right mattress so you can be able to sleep well at night & not wake up hurting. It really is hard to truly find a good mattress & KNOW it’s IS the right one just in the few minutes you find it it the store. It is a big deal to get the one that is right for you so you aren’t making it harder on yourself when you are sleeping. Maybe all mattress companies should have a return policy for like 30-60 days, so that way it gives a person time to know if they purchased the right one. That would be awesome!

  5. I love to go look for new mattress. But how do you really know what mattress is good for you until you can really try it out? So hard to buy. Thanks for the tips.

  6. We were desperate for a new mattress, and we finally went to Bob’s…we bought a memory foam Bob-o-pedic, and couldn’t sleep a wink the first week! Once we got used to it, we were so happy we did@!

  7. The last bed I bought I got from Macy’s on the website. I had just had knee surgery and was unable to go in to the store. I won’t do that again!! I think we really overpaid by at least half. This looks like a great mattress. Wish I had one. I know I don’t get a good night’s sleep.

  8. I will check out the Uratex Orthocare Mattress. Thanks for introducing it! I’m scoliotic and finding the right mattress for me is really hard. I always have back pain since I was adolescent.

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