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Finding A Child Learning Center That Cares

A new school year is on its way, and that means enrollment season once again! It must be a tough decision for some parents to choose the right school or learning center for their children.

If you have kids aged 2-6 years old, check out the Kiddie Miracles Childcare Learning Center.

Founded in 2008, the school offers programs for four grade levels: Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten (K1) and Preparatory (K2). It uses a Montessori-style approach, focusing on individual instruction in order to maximize the child’s potential. At affordable rates (Php 40,000 tuition fee for the entire year and a Php 5,000 registration fee), Kiddie Miracles is definitely a great place for your kids to both learn and have fun.

KMCLC curriculum program includes the following:

A. Toddler Level
During the toddler level, the learning aims to unfold the child’s inborn psychic powers and seek to make every learning opportunity of the child exciting and dynamic. The curriculum supports the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each child. It strengthen the speech and language development as well as both fine and gross motor skills of each child.

B. Nursery Level

In this level, the learning aims to develop the child’s optimum capacities. The child’s motor skills, independence and sense of order will be developed through the use of varied practical life exercises and sensorial awareness in his/her environment. Social and cultural development are also given prime importance. Reading and Mathematics readiness are also introduced with the help of their first textbooks, workbooks, and worksheets.

C. Kindergarten Level

In this level, reading with comprehension, mathematical skills, social and cultural awareness are introduced. The foundation laid at the Nursery level for the child’s motor skills, independence and positive self concept are strengthened. Varied educational materials like textbook and worksheets are provided to allow the children to work independently.

D. Preparatory Level

In this level, a wide range lessons are introduced. These lessons aims to develop the child’s skills in Language, Reading, Mathematics, Science and Health and Social Studies. Basic lessons in Filipino are also introduced. Higher skills in Mathematics and Reading are mastered and reinforced at this level in preparation for the child’s entrance to Elementary.

The Kiddie Miracles Childcare Learning Center is located at the Link Center, No. 2 General Atienza Street, Barangay San Antonio, Pasig City. It’s accessible but also safe, as the school is located inside a secure village.

For more information, visit http://kiddieofficial.wix.com/kiddiemiracles or call (632) 687-1927 loc 119 or 0917-5978655.

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