Time flies. For few days from now, our baby boy will turn one. Those months had been tough for him since he was hospitalized for several times due to pneumonia and asthma. Despite of it, he is still considered as a survivor and strong kid.

And because his mom, was too busy at work and attending to him when he was sick recently, it only took us a week left before the birthday party date to reserved.

Good thing that McDonald’s can accommodate short reservations unlike Jollibee.

McDonald’s vs Jollibee

Jollibee has been my favorite and first choice BEFORE. But after too many unfortunate incidents with them, I would not recommend their service.

I visited several branches of Jollibee near our house but I was told that they cannot accommodate parties in the last week of November. Too bad, because I saw their calendar of events and there’s a reserved party on November 30, 2011.

But blessing in disguise that when I inquire at McDonald’s, I found out that they really offer cheaper party packages plus they have beautiful themes.

Jollibee McDonald’s
Party Theme My Best Friend Jollibee and Jollitown ONLY Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney Princesses, Toy Story
Food The lowest price is P125 per head. The highest is P198 per head. Minimum of 30 persons. The lowest price is P135 per head. The highest is P160 per head. AND all of the meal is served with TOYS! Minimum of 30 persons.
Reservation Fee 90% of the amount of your party package. —Miscellaneous fee of P1,460 + total amount of Food package + cake + loot bags or giveaways . Gift for celebrant not included. P3,000. All in, a gift for the celebrant, miscellaneous fees and amenities, and lootbags or giveaways.
Cake You are not allowed to order cake outside the store. The cake is not allowed to served in the party. You can buy a cake of your choice anywhere, provided that it will not be served in the party.
Service Crew Will they learn to smile sincerely to their customers? Very friendly.
Location Most of their stores located in areas with busy traffic and no much space for parking. Parking-friendly.


After the reservations with McDonald’s, we are at ease now.

So, let’s get ready to party!!