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Feel-Well Activities on Sick Days

It can be terribly sad and anxious in the house when the young ones are sluggish and not feeling well. Surely, this situation could sometimes spoil a supposed to be happy moments like a first birthday party.

The challenge now is how to create a comfort zone for your sick child. To make your baby or kid feel a little better on sick days, here are some ways you might consider:

1. Strive to make your child feel comfortable. Prop her up with pillows and let her snuggle in her favorite cozy blanket to make her feel safe and secure. Making the surrounding areas cheerful will somehow ease the illness of your child and make the task easier for you as well.

2. Fix your sick child a meal that is between “indulgent” and “healthy.” Kids usually lose appetite when they are not feeling well so try to make their snacks extra special. Prepare fruit juices, a nice sandwich, soups, and fruits so he can keep nourished. Leave a get-well-soon note for your children to assure them that they’re being cared for.

3. If your child finds it hard to get up in bed, you can also play games by asking how he/she feels and depict it by molding clay faces. You can tear up old magazines and create a picture book, or even play with hand puppets so your child won’t feel so alone in bed.

4. If your kid is strong enough to move around, you can enjoy some games together. Play make-believe household with her dolls, and for the boys, create feel good campsite by putting up a tent made of blankets. Make sure, however, to keep it low-energy and more on creative storytelling and parent-child bonding.

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  1. This is a very helpful post I am going to save for the future. I’m having my first in september but want to remember this one for someday. Thanks so much! =)

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