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Family Trip Guide: Three Of The Trendiest Restaurants In Melbourne

Are you planning to have a vacation trip with your family? You might want to consider visiting Australia.

When looking to experience the thriving cultural heart of Australia, you simply must schedule a visit to Melbourne. Famous across the country as being the home of creative arts and fine dining, Melbourne offers a truly vibrant experience for visitors of all interests. If you’re chasing the chance to experience contemporary dining at its finest, here are 3 of the trendiest restaurants in Melbourne.

Little Hunter

From the moment you head down the stairs and enter the intimate setting of Little Hunter, you know you are in for a unique dining experience. With a warm yet industrial themed interior designed by Eades & Bergman, the ambience is one which matches the unique approach to food. Little Hunter is an innovative grill house which draws on the inspirations of internationally renowned American chef, Gavin Baker.

The focus of this incredible restaurant is on showcasing the highest quality local produce from farmers with an ethical, humane and organic approach to raising their stock. Little Hunter is proud of its producers, and is always placing a spotlight on the background behind their delicious meats. The food is paired with simple, thoughtfully crafted ingredients which highlight the sensational quality of the produce. From large plates made for shared feasting to small plates that let the chefs show off their creativity, there’s simply something for everyone to enjoy at Melbourne’s favourite grill house, Little Hunter.

Cutler & Co

Awarded the title of Victoria’s best restaurant in the Gourmet Traveler Restaurant Guide for 2013, Cutler & Co has made a splash on the contemporary Melbourne food scene. This trendy meeting place sees an old metal works factory converted into a stylish restaurant offering everything from fine dining to leisurely lunches or after work drinks at the bar. The food is nothing short of spectacular, with respected chef Andrew McConnell creating artistically presented dishes which burst with mouth-watering flavours and sensational textures. Stop in to Cutler & Co for a contemporary and confidently unique dining experience, and see why this has become one of Melbourne’s best places to meet.


This award winning restaurant doesn’t need to be flashy or attention seeking, the food quite simply speaks for itself. The décor is imbued with a simple yet sophisticated vibe, and a relaxed atmosphere complements the dining space. It is intimate dining at its very best, and has fast become the place to be for those seeking a truly delightful night out in Melbourne. Head Chef Ben Shewry has crafted a menu which reflects this unpretentious ambience, yet explores an exquisite range of colors, flavors and textures. With a degustation dinner of five or eight courses, your senses will be taken on a captivating journey through the freshest produce with the signature creative touch of the team in the kitchen. Make sure you stop in on a Tuesday night for the Chef’s Table, a 5 course degustation comprising of all the latest culinary ideas from the Attica team. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

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Author Bio: Lydia is an avid traveler, now that she has graduated she is now travelling around Australia and exploring all the treasures it has to offer.

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