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Eco-Friendly Synthetic Construction Mats

The most exciting new product line to hit the oil, gas, and construction industries is Quality Mat Company’s EcoMat synthetic construction mats. These mats feature an innovative eco-friendly design that saves time and money, while increasing safety on your work site.

The petrochemical, utility, oilfield, and construction industries have embraced the EcoMat because it is a step above the competition. Made without the hollow core of traditional ground protection mats, synthetic mats reduce the transfer of chemicals from location to location.

Built from a combination of plastic and mineral material, each EcoMat is made from approximately 50% recycled material. These mats are also designed to be recycled ultimately, so you’ll never have to leave one in a landfill.

In addition to their environmentally friendly design features, EcoMats offer increased foot traction, less maintenance, re-cued open spot, and static resistance. Because the synthetic mats are bolted instead of nailed, you won’t need to worry about patching flat tires on your heavy machinery.

The EcoMat is segmented so it can be built in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and densities for the specifications of any job site. It can also be ordered in gray, black, red, blue, and purple so that areas of your job site can be color-coded for safety and efficiency.

Order your recycled mats from Quality Mat Company or learn more about EcoMat synthetic construction mats at QMat.info today.

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