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Easy Steps To Help Fight Global Warming

With so many problems and issues in the society nowadays, many would have forgetting something more important – fight against global warming.

In some parts of the world, summer is in its high. Can people feel that the sun heat is not the same as before? Year after year, there will be more changes in the eco-system and in the atmosphere.

Any of us can do our share to fight global warming. There are easy steps to do so as suggested in Adventure Ecology’s Top 10 for the Planet.

1. Adjust your climate by two degrees. This means turning your heat down by 2 degrees in the winter and the air-conditioner by 2 degrees in the summer. It can save our planet from more than one-third of a ton of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

2. Change a light bulb. Use energy-saving light bulb and this would be enough to shut down a power station.

3. Stop appliances from standing by. Your TV, stereo or computer which are on standby can still sap energy. Unplug them and cut your home energy-related emissions by 10% or more.

4. Say NO to plastic bags.

5. Shop locally. This reduces the amount of energy used for transportation

6. Bring your own mug. Say NO to styrofoam cups.

7. Go public. Decongest downtown by not using your car, instead, ride a bus or trains.

8. Say YES to short showers. Cutting your shower time by one minute can save more than 500 gallons of water each year.

9. Bike or walk.

10. Plant something.

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