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Easy Space Dividers For Open Concept Homes

If you’ve finally scored your dream home or apartment with an open concept perfect for entertaining, you may now be wondering how to break up that open space with design elements that are stylish and won’t defeat the purpose of having an open concept home.

As a busy woman and a mom, you may not have a lot of time or energy to design and build elaborate solutions. Try a few of these quick and easy solutions to add class to your space:  water walls, draperies, bookshelves, or potted trees.

Indoor water walls are beautiful, stand-alone fixtures that can divide any section of space. They are available in a variety of sizes, so they won’t overpower your room, and you can choose between many different backgrounds, including glass, slate, copper, and much more. If you have a modern, clean aesthetic, a wall waterfall might be the perfect room divider for your space.

Draperies can be custom made to the size and color specifications you like, or you maybe able to purchase some ready-made draperies. Install a runner for them across the ceiling of your space, or just halfway across if you only want to section off part of the space. Draperies are fabulous, because you can decide how far you want to pull them across the room or push them all the way against the wall to immediately open all the space. You can also invest in more sheer fabrics if you still want to have the illusion of an open space.

Bookshelves can also be purchased or built in a variety of sizes and styles. Push two wide bookshelves to the wall of either side of the room to create a doorway in the middle. To keep the open concept, try a bookshelf without a backing on it, so you can see through the shelves to the other side of the room. You can fill the shelves with simple, symmetrical items to provide more openness, or with books to create more privacy.

Potted trees are a fresh, modern way to divide a room. Choose trees and pots that match and are the same height for a more streamlined look, or try mismatched pots and trees at a variety of heights if your taste is more eclectic. Place them in a row across the open space to create a wall of beautiful foliage, or arrange them clustered closer to the wall to create height and division and retaining the openness.

Paige One enjoys writing about décor pieces that will enhance your space. Try a few of these quick and easy solutions to add class to your space:  water walls, draperies, bookshelves, or potted trees.

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