Most parents would like their children to grow up as responsible and productive members of society. Becoming achievers or excelling in their chosen fields is simply an added bonus that makes parents proud.  One way to achieve this is to introduce the children to the value of responsibility early on.  There are ways to teach kids about the responsibility without it being burdensome for them.  One is to teach them how to care for their toys and books, and another is to get them their own pets.

Teaching the kids to be responsible for their things can start at toddlerhood.  Parents can start inculcating the habit of putting away toys and books to their proper places after play.  As they grow older, kids can be taught about proper handling of toys and how to deal with the consequences of breaking or losing their things. 

Getting a pet for older kids is also a good way to learn about responsibility.  Taking care of a pet is a major responsibility for children. Of course the parents should still provide for pet needs like food, bed for pet, litter box and other pet necessities but it is up to the kids to make sure that their pets get fed on time or given baths and exercises on a regular basis.

These early lessons on responsibility should be given with the love, support, and guidance of parents so that kids can appreciate its value and benefit from it as they grow older.