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Dog Bites

As the amount of neighbors increase from population growth, dog bites are increasingly becoming common. Sometimes people don’t put their dogs on leashes. Sometimes a dog gets loose. Sometimes two dogs are fighting and when humans intercede, one gets bit. There are many reasons people can suffer from dog bites, but it’s important to take the appropriate measures in the event it occurs.

Dog bites can range from minor nips to serious bites. For serious bites, it’s important to seek medical care. A dog may have rabies and it’s important to get the appropriate medical care. If any part of the body is bleeding from a dog bite, tying off the site where it is bleeding can help it to stop bleeding. Bleeding is a natural way for the body to cleanse the wound by pushing germs out and blood helps the body to clot; however, too much blood loss is not good. Dog bites can also result in broken limbs and the tearing of flesh.

After seeking medical care, the doctor may prescribe a pain reliever, antibiotics and inform the patient on methods for cleansing the wound. If it is a deep wound, hydrogen peroxide is not advisable. At times, soaking a puncture wound in simple warm water with salt can help to draw out germs and promote healing. Keeping the wound clean and dry is important. It is a good idea to place sterile gauze outside of the wound, but loosely so that air can circulate. In the event a wound becomes infected, a doctor may recommend packing the wound with sterile gauze and changing it out several times per day. Antibacterial ointments may be used around the wound, but not necessarily in it. It’s important for the wound to heal from the inside out.

If a neighbor has been warned repeatedly about walking their dog on a leash and other bites have occurred or other circumstances resulted in a dog bite, seeking help in the form of personal injury legal advice can help to establish whether there is a case. Seeking help can recover expenditures and can help others stay safe depending upon the case ruling. It is unfortunate that any person should suffer a dog bite, but to prevent others from be bitten and to recover losses, lawsuits may be the only method for recovery at times.

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