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Diet Plan For A Toddler

Is it really necessary?

My daughter’s pedia doctor told me that she is overweight. Yes I know. I am not a doctor but I believe she has a fair body mass.

She has a body built like a man, a big bone structure for a woman. And maybe that is why she’s weighted above the normal level.

The last time we checked, Ice is about 18 kilos for an almost 4 years old.

Her doctor suggested us this meal pattern and sample menu. That, I do not know if it will be followed strictly even I’ll make some variations.

For 1-6 years old, 1,070 calories is needed:


1/2 slice ripe papaya

1/2 piece of fried egg

1/2 cup rice

1 glass milk (4 tbsp powdered milk diluted in water)

AM Snack: 1/2 cup Taho


1/2 piece Fried Tilapia

1/4 cup Mongo Guisado

1/4 cup rice

1 piece Banana (latundan)

PM Snack: 1/2 piece boiled corn


1/4 cup rice

Pork Nilaga (1 matchbox size meat)

1 glass fruit juice

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  1. as i have seen Ice, she’s not fat at all. when i hold her, i felt her bones are big, and that is of no problem. well as the doctor said that she’s overweight, i guess you may follow the diet intended for her slowly, making sure she does not suffer hunger, little by little she will be used to her proper diet 😉

  2. it’s a good meal plan though. hope your child will get to her good weight. keep her praised when she does eat good food and proper meals.

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