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Decorating Your Home With Sheet Metal

Very few people think of sheet metal as a decorative material, as it is often used in ductwork, for airplane wings and in refrigeration units. The first thought is often of thin, gray sheets of rough metal, with little or no cosmetic properties. In fact, sheet metal is perfect for adding a unique, decorative touch to many rooms inside the home.

Kitchen Backsplash

One area to use sheet metal as a decorative material is as a kitchen counter backsplash. Galvanized sheet metal is easy to clean with the added advantage of being magnetic. Decorative touches, such as spice jars, photos or other interior decorating items can be attached to the backsplash with strong magnets, eliminating the need for nails or tacks that can damage drywall. In addition, galvanized sheet metal is relatively inexpensive compared to other backsplash materials, such as tile.

Bathroom Walls

Sheet metal can also be painted, which provides for additional unique decorating options. Sheet metal, cut into uniform squares similar to tile can be painted and added as a decorative touch in bathrooms, particularly around the toilet. The metal adds a unique look but also provides protection for the drywall and framing from damage, while helping with odor control as well. The metal is easy to clean, making it an excellent option for bathrooms where accidents are common. For a rustic or industrial look, consider using corrugated sheet metal to line the bathroom walls.

Decorative Additions

Sheet metal can be used for many different decorative touches in any décor. Sheet metal is available in many decorative styles that make it perfect for adding unique touches to a home. Metal-working artists are using sheet metal to create art for walls and other areas of the home that provide a one-of-a-kind look to a home or office. The metal can also be used to create or cover shelving to bring a rustic, original feel to any room.

Sheet metal is a versatile, durable and easy-to-clean surface that adds originality to any room. For more info on sheet metal supply click here.

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