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De-Cluttering The Children’s Bedroom

Parents who have little children are quite familiar with the challenges of keeping the playroom and children’s bedroom clean and tidy throughout the day.  Kids love to play and spread their toys all around them without thinking of it as clutter. Cleaning up after the kids every time they finish playing isn’t the solution though. Teaching the kids how to pack away their things store it in their proper places after use is the better long term alternative. It promotes the child’s responsibility for their belongings and cleanliness in the house.

The first step in de-cluttering the children’s bedroom is to organize things into their proper storage.  Assign separate storage spaces for children’s clothes, shoes, toys, books, and craft materials.

Cramped bedroom spaces need a storage facility that is as efficient as the medical computer cart used in modern hospitals to organize their belongings.  They need to be properly labeled with every nook and cranny of the cart or cabinet maximized for storage use.

Toys or belongings that do not fit in the available storage areas have to be disposed or given away to charity.  One of the reasons why people accumulate clutter is the difficulty in letting go of excess items in the house.  Let the kids decide on which items to keep and the ones that have to go, this will help ease their parting with some of their belongings.

Teaching the kids to keep their rooms clean and well organized is never too early, these are lifelong values that worth keeping throughout their lifetime.

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  1. i like the idea of seperating everything into seperate sections. and old toys to charity is an awesome idea too, we’ve done it before, but i would like to give away more.

  2. I can understand your reasoning to mention that you should have a tub for everything, toys, etc; however, some individuals do not have that luxury to do so, as they are in smaller living quarters. I do agree with having a tub for the toys and that you should instill in your children the importance of cleaning up their toys and to teach them to respect their property and ultimately, the property of others. Thanks for the article.

  3. Think after this Christmas we are going to have a clean out the bedrooms day while the kids are on break. Would love for my kids to be able to organize better.

  4. Yeah, it’s really hard to let go toys that I bought for my kids… always thinking that they’re going to pass it on to their next sibling =)

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