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Day-to-Day Make-Up Fit for the Workplace

Women who work in a corporate setting often wear make-up to enhance their beauty and help complete a polished and professional work day look.

This can pose a challenge for some women because there are different looks that can be created by putting on cosmetics. As such, one should be careful in applying make-up or they might end up looking like a clown.

A professional look is one that simply enhances a natural beauty. The best way to achieve this is to use air brush for make-up which is quite popular for beauty conscious brides.

One can also achieve a natural work day look through traditional cosmetics. They simply have to stick to natural tones and identify areas that need to be highlighted with color. A foundation with gold and warm tones can help offset the greenish tones that are usually created by office lights. Cheeks, eyes and lips are assets that one should bring out to enhance their looks. Pink, rose or apricot colored blush are usually used for natural looking glow. Light and warm toned eye make-up is also ideal for day look, stick to brown colored eyeliners or mascara and reserve black tones for a night out.

It may take some time before one can master the art of creating an all natural and professional look that is perfect for the work place. But just like in any learning experience, proper practice makes perfect.

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  1. I love this blog because of the information on make up. This will help a lot to me before going to my office.thanks! 🙂

  2. For work I use the KISS method. If I wear eye shadow it’s always understated, but generally it’s the same makeup everyday. Base, blush, lip liner, lip color, eyeliner lightly done, mascara. Too much of anything is going to make you look clownish. I’d rather be a tad conservative with regards to makeup for work, not to mention that there is a lot less maintenance during the day. Less is more. Skip the heavy eyeshadow and over done eyes and heavy lip color.

  3. yeah it is important that you always stay beautiful even in our hectic and stressful work.. thanks for this info.. 🙂

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