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Custom Tape with Artwork

Sending out a present to friends or family can be exciting. Perhaps it is someone’s birthday; Christmas is around the corner, or there might be a wedding to celebrate. So, you get the gift all wrapped up with fancy ribbon and carefully selected bows. Then, you place the beautiful present inside a dull and boring brown box that is the farthest thing from being celebratory. Thankfully, adding some of this tape can make it much more fun.

Tape with a Personality

A few exceptional businesses, like Continental Packaging, gives you a choice to send in your personal artwork to have printed on the packaging tape. The artwork is based entirely on your preferences. Of course, multiple orders can be made with different types of artwork. That means that every present you send out for the holidays can use a different type of exciting new packaging tape. You can send the kids tape with images of teddy bears; the older members in the family packages wrapped in tape that has quotes printed across it. The ideas are limitless. Then again, you can also use the tape to wrap the gifts themselves in wrapping paper, or you can use it as an area to write the receiver’s name.

For the Professionals

Outside of personal use, being able to customize the packaging tape being used on the plain brown boxes is also beneficial to the business-minded folk. When you run a business, there are times when you want to send a token of gratitude to some of those wonderful customers or employees. You can contact a company that prints customized artwork on packaging tape to submit your companies logo or another such style that reflects that the branded packing tape is from your business. Of course, this will allow the person who receives the package to know who it is from, and it adds a personalized flare that is sure to impress the customers even more.

When it comes down to it, sending out plain brown boxes with that awful clear and crinkled packaging tape, that is all too often used, when sending gifts through the mail is boring. Being able to throw your own artwork, whether it be personal family photos from the previous reunion or your business’s logo, the packaging tape will add a personalized flair that will have everyone talking. After all, spending so much of your time to choose wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons shouldn’t be wasted on having to place the gift in a box that doesn’t show as much style or dedication.

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