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Criminology Degree Online Program

If you have always been fascinated by the complexities of criminal behavior, forensic and scientific investigation practices and other aspects of the field of Criminology, Portland State University offers a comprehensive Criminology Degree. The university offers you flexible scheduling for your program so you can earn your degree in criminology or criminal justice while staying in the work force to support yourself during your studies.

Your online degree program in Criminology or Criminal Justice will follow the same structure and offer you the same opportunities that you would have in a traditional classroom, so you can relax and enjoy the convenience of online learning while tending to your full-time job and your family’s needs.

Portland State University’s Bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice offers you the chance to learn about prevention, enforcement, the justice system, punishment, corrections, rehabilitation and more. With this detailed program, you will be able to extract the truth about crime and criminal justice versus how they are treated and depicted in the media and in popular culture.

Learn not only about the crimes themselves but about criminals, in terms of the psychology and sociology behind the crimes they commit. Develop a deeper understanding of the world of crime so you gain a deeper perspective and understanding, which will help strengthen your ability to solve crimes. Delve into this complex field with course work in criminal behavior, crime analysis and how fear becomes a part of the criminal lifestyle.

In Portland State University’s Criminology program, you will learn correct procedure about crime scene investigations and criminal investigations, as well as learning theory, techniques, protocol and you use research and data to help you understand criminal behavior and crime on a practical level as well as on a psychological level.

Whether you come from a background in psychology, law enforcement, political science, neurosciences, statistics, epidemiology or sociology, Portland State University’s program in Criminology is ideal for you. Further your career in a field where there is a need for intelligent, compassionate and committed individuals who want to help prevent criminal behavior when possible and solve crimes.

The university wants to help you learn to help make safer communities with prevention, enforcement and punishment of the guilty parties when necessary. Your career options grow exponentially when you earn your degree in Criminology. Some possible options for your career include working for local law enforcement as a detective or pursuing a career as a federal agent.

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