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Creative Pastimes For Children

Computers and video games can provide a lot of excitement for kids looking to have fun, but they are both very passive activities. To encourage creativity in the developing mind kids should occasionally take part in some kind of active, artistic activities. So next time you are trying to think of something to occupy your son or daughters time during school holidays or on the weekend, perhaps steer your thoughts away from computer games (hard, we know!) and focus on some pastimes that make use of their inventive minds.

Building towers and houses and cities using toy blocks like Lego or Duplo is a fun way to encourage different ways of thinking, you might even find that you have a future architect on your hands. Collecting flowers and learning about nature – bird watching or going to the zoo – are experiences that fewer and fewer children are having these days and should not be overlooked as a fantastic way to introduce kids to the wider world around us.

More openly artistic hobbies that you and your child will have fun doing together include drawing, painting, sculpting, baking, creating new recipes and making music. Music has the added advantage of being easily listened to during any of the other activities that you are doing together. A school holiday’s activity that will leave lasting memories with your son or daughter and a lasting impression on all the other parents when your kid goes back to school is custom t-shirt design. Do some drawings together then scan them into your computer and upload them onto a printing website that allows you to print your own designs to shirts. Get two printed! Get one in your size for you and one in a child’s size for the young artist. These can also make for unforgettable Christmas or birthday gifts to a brother or sister, other parent, aunt or uncle, cousin or grandparent.

Kids love scavenger hunts. If you can get together a parents group and arrange for a scavenger hunt to take place at the house that has the biggest backyard, the young ones just won’t know how to stop thanking you. Leaving clues that lead to prizes will unquestionably develop the lateral thinking and problem solving skills that will come in handy in high school and adulthood.

Additionally, if your little ones have a keen interest in cinema, you should consider investing in a digital video camera and some basic video editing software. As film making is a collaborative pursuit, it will teach them how to work effectively with others. A fun way to display the work of the young directors and actors is to hold a mini-film festival over the course of a day. Have the kids write and direct 5 minute videos and show them how to edit them and have a screening for family and friends that evening.

There are many ways that children can film their time and we have only covered a small handful of the ‘creative’ pursuits, to come up with others why not use your own creative streak, it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. I agree with you on the computer and video game thought. Some children spend all their free time with these passive activities! Love the scavenger hunt idea – gets kids outside and active while employing thinking skills. Did something like this once for my son’s birthday party!

  2. Love it!! With a 5 yr old G’son I’m always looking for fun ways ro keep him busy. Our favorite is T-shirt creating. We enjoy making & ceating our best designs. Awesome post!!

  3. Something I loved when I was little was going on a “treasure hunt” in my neighborhood, armed with a list and a camera to take pictures of the things we were looking for. My mother then helped us create a picture collage of what we found.

  4. I have 9 grand children that would rather be playing video games than do other things. We can bring out the art supplies and they will stop what they are doing to make something !

  5. Compliments of the day, and my regards to your family… My heart has gotten you to be my source of creative ideas, for what I do for and with Children in my Station. thank you and God bless you!

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