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Creating Memories in the Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is where the most meaningful times are shared by family and friends.  The people closest to you are welcomed into your kitchen to keep you company or to give you a helping hand as you prepare food and drinks for everyone.  The moments in the kitchen are often the most memorable ones.  The experience is made much more pleasant when your kitchen is properly fitted not only for food preparation and cooking but also for entertaining.

To start with, you should have space in your kitchen.  Vintage kitchen cabinets are great for keeping clutter off your countertops and work surfaces.  If you have to delegate a task to your guests, they can easily find an area where they can work.  Clutter-free countertops are more pleasant visually.

Your kitchen should also have a space where your visiting family and friends can sit or stand around without getting in the way.  A working counter or an island with a few bar stools would do just fine.   These counters can also be used to lay out your finished dishes that are ready to be taken out to your dining area.  Or you can actually use these countertops as a serving area and have your party right in your kitchen.

You’ll have a cozier and more intimate gather of friends and relatives – the perfect way to share any special occasion.

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  1. clutter-free countertops are pretty hard to get when you don’t have that many countertops haha. That kitchen is very nice by the way. It would cost a lot to remodel to kitchen into that.

  2. This kitchen is beautiful!! I know that some of my favorite memories are sitting in the kitchen talking or baking while friends/kids/parents visit.

  3. I LOVE this kitchen!!! This is almost my dream kitchen. It is a little on the pale side for my taste, but I love it anyway! The kitchen is my favorite part of my house, it is where we spend much of our family time together. It is an awesome space, but could definitely use an update.

  4. It was always the kitchen when I was growing up but not now. I really like the idea of the party in the kitchen with the island and bar stools.

  5. These are good suggestions. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. It’s a gathering place, of sorts, during parties too. 😀

  6. I love this article.The kitchen is the heart of the home. I wish “my heart” was in better shape and more inviting.It is where everyone meets and talks. It should be nice.

  7. There have been numerous times that I have had friends or family over for a special event, only to have the people end up in the kitchen area to chat. A large kitchen would be ideal to socialize; however, my kitchen is on the smaller side which makes socializing next to impossible without bumping into someone or another. I do agree with your comment about getting unnecessary items up off the countertops and out of the way though. It makes a smaller kitchen appear much larger.

  8. The holidays always remind me of the times my sister and I spent helping make so many different kinds of cookies and candy with our mother. I still smile whenever I see candy cane cookies.

  9. My favorite memories of childhood were helping my mom cook in the kitchen while she helped me with my homework. I really like this Kitchen

  10. I love a spacious kitchen where I and others can easily maneuver around without banging into everything! During parties everyone seems to congregate around the island in the kitchen, it makes the kitchen feel homey and a place where others feel comfortable in 🙂

  11. I would like an pone space kitchen because i would like to keep tract of what my babies are doing make sure they dont make a mess. However, when a kitchen is so small and only two people fit there, there will be problems but maybe one day I can have a kitchen i can call my own

  12. “Your kitchen should also have a space where your visiting family and friends can sit or stand around without getting in the way.” .. that is so true! I have a hard time to keep clutter off our island, thus whenever we have visitors or guests I need to keep on doing some decluttering in the island. Not sure how to minimize this problem.

  13. Wow! I would love to have a vintage kitchen like this! The cabinets are looks great for keeping the clutter off and work surfaces. A clutter free countertops absolutely looks pleasant looking and elegant.

  14. There have been many memories made in my kitchen, but having room has never been quite so easy! This picture you posted would be a dream come true! In my kitchen, I am always needing to move things around to have a place to bake, etc. Maybe some day we’ll have a larger home with a beautiful kitchen like the one above 🙂

  15. wow, i can’t imagine having all that cupboard and counter space – talk about a dream! I love baking with my girls but we end up tripping over each other most of the time!

  16. I think the kitchen is the heart of the house and family. It is the gathering place when friends come by. Where kids gather to do their homework while mom makes dinner. Where cookies, pies, and cakes are made which always make great memories!

  17. my kitchen is small but i do love that kitchen, and my family and friends usually we all gather in the living room or dining room .. @tisonlyme143

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