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The Correlation of Math and Music

Did you know that some ancient Greek philosophers believed that music is a genre of Mathematics? Music, after all, follows basic mathematical principles. Rhythms, chords, time signatures all entail the use math concepts.

Researches attempting to prove the correlation between math and music were fueled by the “Mozart Effect” which suggests that people perform better at spatial-temporal tasks while listening to Mozart.

While it is true that many brilliant scientists and mathematicians are also gifted musicians, the converse is not necessarily true. Only a few musicians can be considered math geniuses. However, any musical training does involve great focus and good memory – skills that are important in any learning process. This is most likely why those who have been trained to play musical instruments do better in school.

Whether there is any truth to this or not, learning how to play a musical instrument can help improve your child’s mental ability, boost his self-esteem, and develop his self-confidence. So do get your child his choice of instrument; it doesn’t matter if it’s an electric keyboard, a les paul ukulele , a Fender Stratocaster, or a lowly harmonica.

It may or may not make your child a Math whiz but it’ll certainly make him – and your family – a happy one.

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  1. Interesting points Divine! Asides from math, music does wonders like in my case it increases productivity. Stuff like classical music are known to increase productivity – which goes back to Mozart 🙂

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