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Common Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

Search engine marketing can be a successful method of increasing online visibility and sales for your business. It only works, however, if you follow popular SEO trends, as well as stick to the basic principles of online marketing. Here are some common mistakes people do when trying to promote their companies online.

Keyword Spamming

While using keywords in your title and meta tags as well as a couple of times on every page of text is advisable, crowding your website with too many keywords can lead to your content being considered as spam by search engines. Use popular online keyword density tools to verify how frequently your keyword occurs on the page of text. While there is no optimal number, many experts recommend not exceeding 5% to 7%. Experiment with the amount of keywords to see how the search engines react.

Duplicate Content

While search engines do not necessarily impose a penalty for duplicate content, copying things from another website can still negatively affect your search ranking. Google, for example, lists only the website that was the first one to post the content. It will remove any pages with very similar or duplicate content from its main search listings. The link to these pages will be provided, stating that the entries with similar results have been omitted from the main listing. Not many people click on such a link, and if your content is not original, your website is likely to get buried among such omitted results.

Failing to Do Keyword Research

If you do not do your research beforehand, you will end up using keywords that are not relevant to your audience or do not perform well in search engines. Using one of the popular online keyword research tools will help you optimize your search engine marketing. Find the keywords that users associate with the type of content your website provides. Following this step, enter these words into a couple of search engines and see how many results you get. This number will give you an idea of the amount of websites competing for the same keywords. To reduce the amount of competition you are facing, you might want to go with the second or third relevant keyword, rather than choosing the top one.

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