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Children and Sports: Introducing Your Kids to Active Games

Many parents today are all too willing to succumb to the convenience of letting their children spend hours playing on their gaming consoles so they would not be running around the house.  This is exactly the kind of permissiveness that has contributed to the increasing number of kids being diagnosed with juvenile hypertension and diabetes.  Parents today should take the time to introduce their kids to more active play.  As hubby lugs his game improvement irons off to the golf course on a lazy weekend morning, it might be worthwhile to take your kids out for their own sports activities.

Ball sports are the most popular activities for people of all ages.  The kids can join their school’s basketball team or enroll at a basketball clinic in your local sports complex.  Those who do not mind playing in the sun and dirt could go for football or soccer.  These activities are great for developing coordination and stamina in kids.

Water sports are also great options for people with access to swimming pool or any recreational water facility.  There are facilities that offer swimming lessons for kids and adults alike.  Those who live in areas near lakes and beaches could opt to go for waterskiing, wakeboarding, or surfing.  You have to be ready to spend a little more for these activities these will require you to rent or purchase equipment as well.

You can hit a two-in-one when you take your child for martial arts classes.  Aside from physical fitness, the skills that your child will learn in these sports will allow him to defend himself when the need arises.  Flexibility and agility are necessary for martial arts.  But, these can be developed especially when your child starts training at a young age.

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  1. I agree..Children nowadays are not into sports or some physical activities. They would rather sit down and play with the computer. Parents should always guide their kids to give time or teach them some sports that will boost their energy and to give their body a strength.

  2. well i disagree because i let my child play on his crib but we have a lot of time to play on our bed like before he slept, .. he couldn’t play sports pa kasi he’s just 11 months . Thanks 😉

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