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Childproof Home Décor

Parents with small children know the importance of child-friendly home décor – things like a long lacy tablecloth are an invitation for a little one to tug or pull on while glass-topped tables with sharp edges are a recipe for disaster. Most new parents put a lot of effort into researching the right baby crib and bedding since babies spend so much time sleeping; they also tend to focus on environmentally sound materials which are all important but there are some common sense issues which many parents overlook.

Wherever water is involved there is potential danger – bathroom sinks and showers along with the toilet all represent potential hazards to small children. The bathtub can be made safer in many ways, starting with a water spout guard – children often bump their heads against the bathtub faucet. A bathtub thermometer or water temperature safety gauge will help to prevent burns from scalding water and as an aside it’s a good idea to double check the temperature setting on your hot water heater and consider dialing it back a degree or two.

Place safety treads on the bathtub floor and use anti-skid mats outside of the tub and shower. Bath toys should be safely corralled to prevent slips and falls while soaps and shampoos should be kept high and dry in a bath or shower caddy to avoid waste or the possibility of consumption. When bathing very small children you may wish to invest in an inflatable tub protector to reduce the possibility of baby’s head hitting any hard surface.

A commode can be inviting to small children – invest in a toilet seat lid lock to keep kids out of the toilet and to prevent toys and other goods from being tossed into to the toilet for fun.

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