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Cheaper Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom

Ready to breathe new life into your bathroom? Extensive remodeling projects can cost a pretty penny when you start messing with drains and water lines, but if you’re okay with working around them and making smaller changes, here are five easy ways to transform the space into something entirely fresh.

1: Buy A New Bathtub

As one of the central pieces of the bathroom, you can change the whole “feel” of the space with nothing more than a new tub. A sleek jacuzzi-style tub, for example, will inspire starkness and a feeling of modernity, while a claw-foot tub will complement a vintage look.

2: Replace Your Fixtures

The devil’s in the details, so if you’d like to update your look without dropping a lot of money in the process, replace your fixtures with smooth, polished stainless steel.

3: Install Modular Glass Tile

Fun and quirky, these mosaic tiles put into your bathroom floor will not only keep mold and grime at a safe distance, but they’ll add an eye-popping touch to your interior design.

4: Maximize Your Space

If you haven’t hung shelves, cabinets and baskets from your bathroom walls, you’re missing critical opportunities to save on counter space. De-clutter your surface areas by keeping things organized and out of the way.

5: Bring Things Together With A Mirror

One large, centrally located mirror will pull the focus on the room right to it, so go ahead and splurge on something worthy. Frameless mirrors hip and contemporary; circular mirrors bring harmony and style; an ornate mirror will add a touch of grandeur.

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